Your Bromley BID plans to spotlight town’s cultural heritage

Plans to shine a spotlight on Bromley’s cultural heritage and to attract more visitors to the town centre are set to go ahead, as the contract for the business improvement district (BID) was reissued.

Your Bromley was awarded a second term which will see the BID continue supporting Bromley town centre traders from 2021 to 2025.

The vote, which took place from January 29 to February 25, saw 85 per cent of votes cast by number and 90.7 per cent by rateable value in favour of a second term.

The total number of votes cast was 156, representing a turnout of 29.7 per cent.

Andy Bawn, Chair of the Board of Directors for Your Bromley commented: “We’d like to thank the Bromley businesses that supported us at the ballot. It’s a more important time than ever to support businesses in our town and support them as we recover from the pandemic and look towards the future.”

Andy Bawn, Chair of the Board of Directors

Andy Bawn, Chair of the Board of Directors

As soon as the second term comes into effect on April 1, Your Bromley will start to implement its business plan.

The ‘yes’ vote will see Your Bromley work to help ensure Bromley remains a destination of choice for shopping, hospitality and more.

These plans include continuing existing services Bromley businesses find invaluable, including the Bromley Welcome Ambassador, the free business recycling service, chewing gum cleaning and additional police in the town centre at peak periods to help reduce crime.

But plans don’t stop there, the next five years will see Your Bromley focus on bringing Bromley’s cultural heritage to life, on corporate social responsibility and on attracting more visitors to the town centre with an exciting events schedule including the annual Christmas Lights switch on event.

During the pandemic the BID team has adapted to meet the needs of local businesses, from promoting the companies who stayed open, to helping share guideline details for re-openings, and even helping business owners secure grants and funding available to them.

Frances Forrest, BID manager

Frances Forrest, BID manager

The ‘Yes’ vote will allow the team to support Bromley business through the government’s reopening roadmap over the coming months.

Frances Forrest, BID Manager at Your Bromley added: “We’re delighted that Bromley’s businesses have voted yes to a new term for the BID.

“We’ve had a great five years in Bromley so far and we’re excited to start the next five, working together with all the businesses in Bromley to keep the town clean, safe and welcoming for workers, shoppers and visitors.”

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