Wildlife feeders

Are you animal lover? If you’re anything like me, then you enjoy spotting random wildlife strolling through your yard. Whether it be squirrels, chipmunks, deer, rabbits, or just simple birds, it’s a blast watching them in their element. And yes your yard is their element. Well, at least to them it is. It’s not like they can tell the difference half of the time. They tend to go where the food is. So why not draw them in with wildlife feeders? This way you can help them by offering food, and you’ll get to watch them in the process. I do this with my daughter and we have fun spying with our binoculars.

Birds are the common lingerers. I don’t care where you reside; chances are you see a few birds at the least around your place. Maybe they’re scouring for food, or possibly just taking a rest. Either way it’s entertaining to watch them interact with the world. I hang several bird feeders outside of my home in order to draw a variety of birds in. These are the most common wildlife feeders on the market today. I suppose it’s safe to say people enjoy bird watching. You may already have a birdhouse, feeder or bath in your yard right now. You certainly wouldn’t be the only one. A substantial portion of United Kingdom  indulges in this timeless ritual. My mother even did it back in the 1940s. But what about all the other wild animals? I prefer to watch deer. However, at your slightest movement, they’ll usually bolt. This is why I place wildlife feeders toward the back of my yard. The deer slip in to feed and we watch them from the patio. I always tell my daughter, the key is being silent.

There are easy ways to draw in wildlife. Let’s say you’re itching to get some colorful birds in your front yard. All it takes to achieve this is a sack of birdseed. Sprinkle it all over the front yard and watch as the birds show up early the following morning. This seems to be the time they prefer to feed around my home. Or, you can toss some carrot chunks around the back patio. This is what my sever-year-old does to lure in the bunnies, and it always works. The truth is you don’t even have to purchase wildlife feeders to bring in the animals.