The most dangerous roads in south east London

Readers have told us which roads in south east London they worry about the most when it comes to speeding and danger.

Some roads in south east London are crying out for a speed camera, and are plagued with drivers ignoring the speed limit and putting people’s lives in danger.

So the News Shopper asked people on Facebook which roads they feel are dangerous thanks to speeding.

Below are the top roads mentioned by residents.

1. Erith Road/Bexley Road

This long stretch of road comes in at number one, and was mentioned several times by readers along with a number of roads coming off of the main road which are also considered dangerous.

Approximately 2,035 metres long and in the borough of Bexley, this road been a hotspot for bad accidents over several years.

A number of smaller street peel off as the road makes its way through Erith, and collectively these have seen at least six accidents in the past three years.

News Shopper:

Most recently in May, four people were hospitalised in a car crash on Avenue Road, the road perpendicular with Bexley Road, when a black Vauxhall Astra collided with a tree.

News Shopper:

One reader said that with Erith Road, “it’s just a matter of time before some innocent pedestrian or speeding driver is killed!!”

Also describing Erith Road, a resident said “three drivers have lost control, mounted the pavement and ended up in someone’s front garden after demolishing their wall.

“One of these was even next to the nursery and took out a bollard on the pavement on it’s way.”

Mayplace Road East and West both also spawn from Erith Road, and mothers have complained that despite the road already being quite tight and view-restricting, “so many cars still speed down there anyway.”

The site has also been the site of other negative and even criminal behaviour in recent years.

It was on Bexley Road that Uran Nabiev deliberately mowed down a young man and dragged him under his car in a vicious case of manslaughter last year.

2. Court Road

One local resident told us that Court Road in Orpington “desperately needs a speed camera and a safe crossing for people,” and it seems lots of you agreed.

Another person said that one the road, “people still think they’re still on the M25” and reach dangerous speeds.

News Shopper:

This was highlighted in April 2019 when an 11-year-old lost his life when he was hit by a car in a suspected hit and run. A 73-year-old was arrested on suspicion of danerous driving.

Again the road made the news in February when a man in his 80s died whilst driving on the road.

News Shopper:

3. Bolstall Hill

Speeding is a nightmare on Bolstall Hill in Abbey Wood, according to a number of readers.

One reader said the nearby police station is “more like a disco light” because it’s always turning its sirens on, yet it slows nothing down.”

“Every morning cars belt down this road, and its getting worse. There is little traffic, giving the temptation to speed.”

Readers also highlighted that parking in the area, particularly by transit van owners, are ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

Other roads that were mentioned by readers include:

4: Upper Wichkam Lane

5: Parkside Avenue, Bexley

6: Hill Reach, Woolwich

7: Sandstone Road, Grove Park

8: New Hythe Lane, Kent

9: Perry Hill, Sydenham

10: Shooters’ Hill Road

Have we missed any roads? Tell us what roads near you needs a speed camera in the comment section below.

Get in touch with your local council if you would like to report a road safety issue.

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