Six Met Police officers injured at the Glades in Bromley

One police officer has been hospitalised and a number of others injured after an incident at The Glades Shopping Centre in Bromley on Tuesday afternoon.

A 15-year-old male has been arrested following the incident, which reportedly saw him kick an officer in the head repeatedly.

Police said they were called around 4pm on October 6 by a member of security at The Glades who had seen a male wanted in connection with a previous allegation of assault and theft.

Officers quickly attended and located the male and attempted to speak to him.

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The teenager tried to leave so officers detained him, and a struggle ensued.

According to Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer, one officer was taken to hospital after being repeatedly kicked in the head by the boy, but has now been discharged.

He tweeted: “This is totally unacceptable & we will ensure those responsible face justice.”

A spokesperson for the Met Police said one officer suffered a head injury and was taken to hospital , but how now been discharged.

“Three other police officers and a member of security staff were also assaulted.

“The 15-year-old was arrested on suspicion of assault of an emergency services worker, assault and theft. He has been bailed until at date in late October.

“Enquiries into the circumstances continue.”

CS Stringer said: “Six officers from Bromley have been injured whilst carrying out their duties protecting the communities we serve overnight.

“One of my officers was hospitalised following being kicked in the head repeatedly. This is totally unacceptable & we will ensure those responsible face justice.”

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