Overdue renovation of Crystal Palace Victorian subway

Overdue renovation of Crystal Palace Victorian subwayOverdue renovation of Crystal Palace Victorian subway

The plans to renovate the Victorian Subway received the “go ahead”.

Earlier in January on the 7th of January 2022 the Bromley council unanimously voted the plan to restore the Crystal Palace Victorian subway, to it’s previous splendour. The planning permission was granted.

The project, which has been designed by architects Thomas Ford & Partners, will be funded by grants from the City of London Strategic Investment Pot and Historic England, as well as contributions form the Friends of Crystal Palace Subway.

The restoration will be to repair the Victorian subway which was hidden from the public apart from the first class customers, the rebuilding of existing walls the construction of a new parapet walls and the roof structure are designed to give the Crystal Palace Victorian subway a fresh renovated look without any alteration of the Victorian features.

The estimated cost is £3.2 m

Some residents are thinking about how about renovating the Palace it self.

The subway was opened in 1865 as a grand entrance to the Crystal Palace, but it fell into disrepair in the years after the famous attraction burnt down.

The Palace was built in Hyde Park for the Great exhibition in 1851 but was moved the what is now Crystal Palace Park.

The Crystal Palace was destroyed by fire in 1936 and the subway station was demolished in 1954, only the subway was left to decay until now.

Good news for residents of Bromley the opening of Crystal Palace Victorian Subway hopefully is in spring 2022.

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