Just how different the streets in Bromley looked like 12 years ago

The villages, towns and cities we call home are special to us and, naturally, we feel invested in them as places.

If there’s a piece of news about our home town versus a piece of news in a faraway location, it’s highly likely you’ll be more interested in the former piece of news because you live there and therefore it’s relatable.

Local history is particularly interesting to many people, especially if you’ve lived somewhere for a little while.

Do you ever find yourself wondering what the place you call home used to look like in the past.

Perhaps you moved into a new home a couple of years ago and are wondering what your road used to look like.

We went back in time to look at what roads in Bromley looked like a decade ago compared with what they look like now.

Ten years might not seem like ages, but big cities like London are constantly changing, and so are its high streets and hubs.

The London Borough of Bromley is home to key places like Beckenham, Biggin Hill, Orpington, Chiselhurst and the town itself.

Here’s what some roads you may know well looked like back in 2008 compared with what they look like now.

You’ll notice there’s been quite a big switch up in shops in many places, with a few of the favourite stores that have managed to stand the test of time.

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My London – Bromley