Golf Courses Carbon Neutral Label

golf courses carbon neutral label

golf course soil carbon captation

We all know that soil contain two or three times more Carbon than the atmosphere or the vegetation.

If the fight against climate change goes above all through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, soils have the specificity of being able to constitute a potential carbon sink. Capturing and maintaining carbon in soils can thus contribute to the mitigation of climate change.


As part of the upcoming implementation of a carbon footprint on golf courses, it is important to measure the importance of their carbon sequestration.
Depending on the level of the carbon sequestration rate of the lawns and woods of the golf courses, it will be possible to determine the level of contribution of the golf courses to the objective of carbon neutrality.


Golf courses individually  should be assessed on their contribution to the carbon neutrality, for that we can imagine distributing labels from the most carbon neutral to the less carbon neutral golf course.