Earthshot Prize and Prince William tour to Dubai.

Earthshot Prize and Prince William tour to Dubai.

Earthshot Prize and Prince William tour to Dubai.

Earthshot Prize and Prince William tour to Dubai.

Credit photo: Greta Hoffman

What Prince William was doing on his one day trip to UAE (United Arab Emirates) on Thursday the 10th of February 2022.

Prince William made a passionate plea to save the planet, during Uk national day taking over the Dubai Expo. William visited the UK Pavillon and took part inn a celebration of his homeland, joining the Queen’s baton Relay as it tours Commonwealth pavillons on the exposition site.

In his passionate Plea Price William said: “This is a decisive decade, if we do nothing, by 2030 we will be speeding towards increasingly devastating planetary and humanitarians crises as a result of our changing climate. Or if we act now, we will be on path towards a repaired and regenerated planet that will flourish for generations to come. But change is not happening fat enough or at the scale we need”.

The Dubai Mangrove Forest is a decisive action towards earth restoration by creating a forest in the desert coastline of the UAE (United Arab Emirates),

The sanctuary is a UN protected reserve, included in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance, and the initiative is in line with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan that maps out a comprehensive future map for sustainable urban development in the city.

The project is to plant 1 million trees at Dubai Mangrove Forest to protect endangered species. For more Information Click here

Prince William planted trees At the Mangrove park (Dubai) with two British School of Dubai’s children.

The Earthshot Prize is centred around five ‘Earthshots’ – simple but ambitious goals for our planet which if achieved by 2030 will improve life for us all, for generations to come.
Each Earthshot is underpinned by scientifically agreed targets including the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other internationally recognised measures to help repair our planet.

Together, they form a unique set of challenges rooted in science, which aim to generate new ways of thinking, as well as new technologies, systems, policies and solutions.
By bringing these five critical issues together, The Earthshot Prize recognises the interconnectivity between environmental challenges and the urgent need to tackle them together.

The five chalenges are:

  1. Protect and restore nature,
  2. Clean our air,
  3. Revive our oceans,
  4. Build a waste free-world,
  5. Fix our climate.