Do It Yourself Wedding Planning (Part9) : Sometimes It Is Harder To Commit to the Dress than to the Fiancé.

Sometimes It Is Harder To Commit to the Dress than to the Fiancé

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Most brides to be had no hesitation when their fiancé proposed. They may have knew this day was coming and responded with an enthusiastic yes before the fiancé even got the question out. Even if they were completely caught by surprise by the proposal, they likely responded quickly after a moment or two of stunned silence. However, when it comes to selecting a dress for the wedding day most brides to be have a lot more trouble making a decision. They may waffle between two dresses or even have trouble narrowing their choices down to less than ten options. This article will provide tips for brides to be who are struggling to select a wedding dress for their big day.



Most brides to be find that choosing a wedding date really helps to narrow down their choices right away. In fact many brides can cut the suitable options available in their local wedding gown shop by 50% by choosing a date. This is not true for all brides though. That is because most brides easily make this decision because they are not willing to wear a wedding gown which is meant for summer for a January wedding. Likewise they are not willing to wear a wintry type wedding gown for a June wedding. However, there are always some brides for whom the season does not matter and they want the perfect dress even if it is not appropriate for the current season.


We recommend beginning the process of wedding dress shopping right from your own home. Spend some time looking at online retailers and wedding magazines to get yourself started. Once you begin looking through pictures of wedding gowns you will begin to learn what you do like and what you don’t like. This will save you a great deal of time in the long run because you can look at hundreds of pictures online or in magazines in just a fraction of the amount of time it would take you to try on the same number of dresses.


However, if you do your homework, you can walk into a bridal shop with a good idea about the types of dresses you want to try on. You should still go into the dress shopping experience with an open mind but won’t have to try on everything in the store to figure out what you like.


We also highly recommend limiting the number of people you take with you when you go dress shopping. This is critical because the more people you bring with you the more opinions you will hear about each dress and this will make choosing one much harder. You should also be careful about who you will invite to come dress shopping with you. You will want to bring along trusted friends or family members who will be honest with you about how a dress looks on you without being offensive. You don’t want someone who will be afraid to tell you that a dress does not look good on you but you also don’t want someone who will hurt your feelings during the process. Shopping for a wedding dress is supposed to be a fun experience so keep that in mind when you invite others to come along.


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