Do It Yourself Wedding Planning (Part8) : Knowing How to Delegate When Planning a Wedding.

Knowing How to Delegate When Planning a Wedding.

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One person to completely plan a wedding all by themselves but it is definitely not easy. Also, the process can be very time consuming and stressful. However, there is one way to make the process of planning a wedding a whole lot easier. Delegating some of the responsibilities involved in planning the wedding is the one trick that can really save a couple a great deal of time and stress. This article will discuss how a couple can delegate some wedding planning responsibilities without feeling as though the plans are completely out of their control.


One huge mistake many couples, in particular brides to be, make is not delegating any of the wedding planning to anyone else. Brides to be often get so caught up in the planning of the wedding that they may even leave the groom to be out of the planning process. This almost always winds up in the couple feeling overly stressed out about the wedding process and possibly even overlooking some important details. Delegating some wedding planning responsibilities alleviates this problem but it can be difficult to start delegating. This is because the couple may be concerned things will not be done right if they don’t handle the details themselves. That is why the first step in learning to delegate is to decide which responsibilities the couple is willing to delegate. For example most brides will not want to delegate the responsibility of selecting a wedding dress to anyone else but they may be willing to allow a bridesmaid to schedule appointments at bridal shops and schedule fittings after a dress is chosen. Likewise the couple is not likely to ask anyone else to select the wedding cake but they ask a trusted and responsible friend or family member to pick up the cake on the day of the wedding. In general most brides and grooms to be are not too concerned with allowing friends and family members to handle simple tasks which are not incredibly important to the wedding.


Favours are another aspect of the wedding planning process most couples are willing to delegate. Some couples may be willing to allow a trusted friend or family member to shop around for favours and select appropriate favours for the wedding. Still other couples may be comfortable asking a friend or family member to shop around for favours but not to make a decision. The couple may wish to make the give the final approval for the favours that are chosen. Still other couples may not want to allow others to shop around or decide on favours but would be willing to delegate the task of wrapping the favours.


The tasks the couples are willing to delegate will vary considerably from one couple to another. Some have complete trust in friends and family members and are able to delegate fairly large tasks while others are more apprehensive to delegate even the simplest responsibilities for fear that the tasks will not be completed on time or the tasks will not be completed well. However, the more comfortable the couple is delegating the easier the process of planning the wedding will be.

Finally, any couple who decides to delegate any tasks should be sure they are delegating to responsible friends and family members. The couple may have a group of really great friends and family members but if these people are not responsible the tasks may not be completed. It is also important that any friend or family member asked to complete detailed tasks which will have a significant impact on the wedding should have tastes that are similar to the couple. This will help to ensure decisions that are made represent the couple accurately.


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