Do It Yourself Wedding Planning (part1) Before you hire a Wedding Planner

Before you hire a Wedding Planner

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Next a bride, along with anyone else involved in paying for the wedding, will have to consider the fees charged by the wedding planner. This is very important because depending on the amount of work required the cost of employing a wedding planner can add significantly to the budget for the wedding.

Some wedding planners charge an hourly rate, some charge for each task handled by the wedding planner and some charge a flat fee for all of the services provided to assist in the wedding planning and preparations. It is important to understand these fees beforehand and to have a contract that carefully outlines all of the services which will be performed by the wedding planner and the fees that will be paid to the wedding planner. Without this type of contract there are likely to be disputes. However, with a contract in place the bride and the wedding planner can proceed with confidence that everyone involved knows what is expected of them during the process of planning the wedding.

When it is time to start narrowing down your options for it is very important to seek out recommendations from trusted sources. Friends or family members who have used a wedding planner in the past will likely give you an honest opinion of whether or not a particular wedding planner is a worthwhile investment. Brides should also use the Internet to learn about wedding planners and search for reviews. There may be hundreds of wedding planners located in your city but if you start by only considering those who come highly recommended your search will be much easier.

Once you use personal recommendations and online reviews to narrow your field of wedding planners down to a few contenders it is time to schedule interviews .This is incredibly important for a number of reasons. First of all you want to select a wedding planner who is capable of planning a wedding that will meet your expectations and suit your style.

Ask to see pictures from previous weddings and ask for details on the role played by the wedding planner. It is also important to get a good feel for the wedding plannerís personality during this interview. This is significant because you will be spending a great deal of time with the wedding planner over the course of the next few months. If you canít get along with her it can not only be uncomfortable but may result in you not having your dream wedding.

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