Adopting a dog (Part 14 and the End ) Enjoying your new dog and my childhood own experience of dogs.

Adopting a dog “The secret to a successful Adoption” Part 14 and End.

Enjoying your new dog and my childhood own experience of dogs.

Enjoying your new dog should come easily– and, with a few tips in mind, it certainly can. Owning a dog is an adventure which you, your family, and your pet will benefit from in many ways. If you have prepared, it is a decision you will never regret.

Enjoying your dog, and gaining the most from the experience of dog ownership, includes developing a strong bond between yourself and your new pet. The time and attention you give to him during his earliest days in your home is the foundation for this bond. Your new pet needs to know that you are glad he is with you, that you appreciate him, and that you love him.

Talking with your dog when you spend time with him assists in forming this solid bond. While he may not yet understand what you are saying, the time you take to communicate and the manner in which you communicate mean more to your new pet than you may realize. A gentle, steady tone of voice will give him the message that you are someone he can count on and trust. It will help him to develop confidence in you from the beginning.



While it is important to be sure you tend to his daily upkeep and maintenance, having fun with your new dog is a very large part of ownership. From quiet times you spend together to playtime, his need for healthy exercise goes hand-in-hand with knowing you truly enjoy his company. Whether others in your family share in the responsibility for his upkeep or not, playtime is one aspect of dog ownership where everyone will surely agree.

The bond you form and develop with your new dog will be with you both for years, or even decades. It is one of the best parts of having a dog in your life. You have a great new friend who appreciates you in return. The dog you have adopted is a special part of your life to always love and treasure.


My own experience of dogs and pets in general from my childhood.
I never wanted to have a dog at home when I became adult. I tried to have a Rabbit but I had a tragic experience, it died when my son was three years old. We had to invente a story to my son to tell him why The Rabbit (Peter Rabbit, like my son’s grand ma used to call him when she used to visit us) is not anymore at home why the rabbit’s home is empty?
I invented a story that the Rabbit missed so much his parents and his brothers and sisters that we had to let him go to the forest next to where we lived at that time. My son’s one day at adult age asked me where Peter Rabbit went.
I never wanted another pet and another lie to explain why the pet is not there anymore.

I also had a rule that we should have a big house to afford a dog like the ones we had when I was a child 2 German shepherds (at different times) and also a bulldog.

When I was a child we also had cats, and a Parakeet. The cat, I remember, was having a fluffy mohair type coat, he used to like hiding in the drawers, my mum sometimes  used to be surprised when she pulled the drawer, she used to find a fluffy mohair type thing. She sometimes confused him with a knitted mohair pullover, it was so funny seing my mum screaming when the cat jumped from the drawer.
That cat had brown feet and brown snout, but a white snow fluffy coat  my mum used to say, suspiciously, that this cat went surely to eat what left in the oven, this is why he burned his feet and his snout, my mum was a fun mum.
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Credit photo : tranmautritam

I used to hide the leftover to feed the cat my mum used to give him little to eat because my mum did not like a fat cat, it keep him healthy she used to say.
She used to say keep this leftovers to the dog, the cat does not need that much.

I was not liking the pet at home, I was felling so precious that no cat was allowed to jump on my knees. My little sister used to like pets but not me.

I liked pets so I used to give them generous part of food, but nothing else.

My sister used to say you feel so precious. I did not like cleaning after the pets. I created a rule that my little sister  likes so much pets so she must like the duties around it, I was saved from that tasks for a while until my mum and my dad put a list of tasks for each of us and a shift for us all between watering flowers in the front house and the garden sweeping the terrace and the corridor, pets duties etc… We used to give a hand even as children, my parents gave us house responsibilities very early.

Now In my adulthood I’m contemplating the idea of having a dog. A dog with minimum hassle and also no dog hairs around us, it’s like I want and I don’t want a dog at the same time,  bizarre feeling.
I have a puppet dog for now. It does not need attention all the time and does not need to have a dog sitter when I’m away, surely I change his outfit for fun and ask sometime where is my puppet dog, I find it under the sofa sometimes, and sometimes it’s just sat on the sofa watching TV with me, fun huh!

Melissa Ground.


Adopting a dog (Part 14 and the End ) Enjoying your new dog and my childhood own experience of dogs.

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